ZapSibNeftekhim in December 2018: the project is now 92.5% complete

Procurement of materials and equipment – 98.9%, construction and installation – 92.4%.

Engaged on-site are over 5,000 construction workers from Russia. In December, the operating team (employees of ZapSibNeftekhim and SIBUR Tobolsk) totalled 1,667 people. They were responsible for the oversight and acceptance of equipment, document review, and start-up and commissioning.

Progress by units: design, procurement, construction & installation

Steam cracker – 96.0%
Polyethylene unit – 95.0%
Polypropylene unit – 99.6%
Off-site facilities – 95.1%
Logistics platform – 99.7%

Progress on-site:

290,000 m3 of foundations laid – 99% of the project’s total.
127,000 m3 of concrete poured above the ground level – 100% of the project’s total.
373 km of underground pipeline laid – 99% of the project’s total.
3,653,000 DI of surface pipeline laid – 98% of the project’s total.
145,000 t of metal structures installed – 99% of the project’s total.
6,570 km of power lines installed – 79% of the project’s total.

Construction materials, equipment, and their transportation and installation are provided by professionals from 35 regions across Russia. The project involves over 100 Russian contractors and equipment suppliers.



At the steam cracker:

• the lining inside the high-pressure boiler burner was fully dried;
• high-pressure steam pipes were blown up to the turbines of ethylene and polypropylene compressors;
• the gas seal system for the pygas compressor was handed over for commissioning and start-up.

At the polyethylene unit:

• pipelines were installed on the main racks;
• the subsystems of the instrumentation air header and process air header were fully pre-commissioned and are ready for commissioning and start-up;
• pipelines for Zeppelin pneumatic conveying systems were installed in the logistics platform area.

At the polypropylene unit:

• test pellets were loaded into the system transporting pellets from extrusion lines to homogenising silos;
• the pneumatic conveying system for powder was tested and adjusted;
• extrusion line A is ready for commissioning and start-up.

At off-site facilities:

• the key process equipment was assembled in industrial parks.

Please follow the link to watch a video on the construction progress in December:

Notes to editors:

ZapSibNeftekhim is set to become the largest modern petrochemical facility in Russia. It incorporates a steam cracker with a capacity of 1.5 mtpa of ethylene, around 500 ktpa of propylene and 100 ktpa of butane-butylene fraction (BBF), along with units to produce various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene with a total capacity of 2 mtpa.

The facility will provide for the deep conversion of a substantial portion of oil and gas extraction by-products in West Siberia, including associated petroleum gas, and import substitution for polymers that enjoy the strongest domestic demand.

ZapSibNeftekhim will be part of the Tobolsk site which comprises monomer and polymer production facilities already on stream. Its construction is seen as a logical step in SIBUR's development in West Siberia. For the last ten years, the Company has significantly expanded its gas fractionation capacities in Tobolsk, constructed an NGL pipeline between the Purovsky Plant and SIBUR Tobolsk, and doubled the throughput of the private Denisovka station of the Sverdlov Railway.

The use of advanced hydrocarbon conversion and logistics technologies will help make this investment project safer, more reliable and efficient.

Construction materials for the project are delivered from 35 regions across Russia and include the following domestically made materials and equipment:

- around 1 thousand units of process equipment;
- over 140 thousand tonnes of steelwork;
- approximately 20 thousand tonnes of pipe;
- over 200 km of plastic pipe;
- over 3 thousand km of cable.


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