ZapSibNeftekhim in October 2018: project is now 90.5% complete.

Engaged on-site are over 7,000 construction workers from Russia and 931 units of construction equipment.

In September, the operating team (employees of ZapSibNeftekhim and SIBUR Tobolsk) totalled 1,455 people. They were responsible for the oversight and acceptance of equipment, document review, and start-up and commissioning.

The site has a total area of 460 ha.

Construction materials, equipment, and their transportation and installation are provided by professionals from 35 regions across Russia. The project involves over 100 Russian contractors and equipment suppliers.

The project's progress is 90.5%.

Other project highlights:

Design works – 100%

Procurement of materials and equipment – 98.4%

Construction and installation – 89.1%

Progress on-site:

289,000 m3 of foundations laid – 99% of the project’s total.

127,000 m3 of concrete poured above the ground level – 99% of the project’s total.

369 km of underground pipeline laid – 98% of the project’s total.

3,552,000 DI of surface pipeline laid – 95% of the project’s total.

145,000 t of metal structures installed – 99% of the project’s total.

5,981 km of power lines installed – 73% of the project’s total.

Progress by units: design, procurement, construction & installation

Steam cracker – 94.4%

Polyethylene unit – 93.0%

Polypropylene unit – 98.4%

Off-site facilities – 92.6%

Logistics platform – 97.1%



At the steam cracker, deaerators for boiler feedwater treatment are ready for commissioning, and a low-pressure boiler supplying steam for general use and for the facility’s own needs was launched.


The polyethylene unit had the electric heating system for the priority low-pressure steam and circulating water subsystems fully assembled. The facility completed pre-commissioning of the low-pressure steam system to supply heat to substations and the extrusion facility.


The polypropylene unit saw the start of the flare assembly and the launch of cooling water and low-pressure steam systems for the main collector and the extrusion facility. Heating water, as well as low-pressure steam and condensate systems were fully pre-commissioned to ensure heat supply according to the design configuration.


As part of the off-site facility construction, heat from the boiler house was supplied to Administrative Building 1, the service building, chemicals storage facility, water treatment system, and the fire and process water unit.

Process air was supplied to all the key construction sites and process facilities.


Please follow the link to watch a video on the construction progress in October:


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Photo «ЗапСибНефтехим» в январе 2019 года