ZapSibNeftekhim status update, March 2018

Tobolsk, 17 April 2018. A total 9,364 Russian construction workers on site.

A total 1,059 construction machines on site.

As at March 2018, the project’s operating team (full-time SIBUR’s and ZapSibNeftekhim’s employees) totalled 958 people, engaged in equipment inspection and acceptance, documentation review, and commissioning planning.

The total area of the site is 460 ha, equal to 17 St Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortresses.

Construction materials and equipment, as well as transportation and installation services, are sourced from partners across 35 Russian regions. Over 100 Russian contractors and equipment suppliers involved in the project.

Overall project progress: 76.8%

Overall project progress:

Design: 99.7%

Supplies of equipment and materials: 95.0%

Construction and installation: 63.2%

Progress on site:

279 thousand cu m of foundations laid, 97% of the project’s total.

124 thousand cu m of concrete poured above the ground level, 98% of the project’s total.

338 km of underground pipelines installed, 92% of the project’s total.

2,530 thousand DI of surface pipelines installed, 68% of the project’s total.

135 thousand tonnes of metal structures installed, 93% of the project’s total.

2,642 km of electrical cabling laid, 35% of the project’s total.

Unit progress: design, assembly, construction and installation

Steam cracker: 78.3%

Polyethylene unit: 78.0%

Polypropylene unit: 88.0%

Off-site facilities: 82.3%

Logistics platform: 63.7%



Installation of package units piping at the demineralisation and condensate polishing plants was launched. Installation of core equipment at the high-pressure steam boiler was completed.


Installation of medium-voltage cabling commenced to link the off-site transformer substation and transformer substations powering the polyethylene unit. Installation of ducting, air heating, ventilation, and conditioning equipment completed.


Installation of power cabling commenced to link primary step-down transmission substation No. 2 and the transformer substation powering the polypropylene unit. Medium-voltage power supply system was delivered for pre-commissioning.


The off-site facilities site was connected to the power supply system. Comprehensive testing of equipment was carried out at the central distribution substation and primary step-down substations. General construction for the cooling tower was completed.

ZapSibNeftekhim construction progress video is available at



Plastering and painting work on the steam cracker buildings and structures are in progress. Hydraulic testing of water treatment facilities was completed, and concrete paving is underway.

Installation of overhead cranes and lifting equipment in process buildings is also in progress.

Over 30,500 tonnes of equipment were installed. Low- and high-temperature insulation and heat tracing of installed equipment are in progress.

Cracking furnaces were fitted with steam drums and secondary heat exchangers. Installation of complete pipelines is in the active implementation phase.

Installation of the underground pipeline is nearing completion, with hydraulic testing underway (92% complete).

Installation of 400 sq mm medium-voltage cabling commenced to link the off-site transformer substation and transformer substations powering the polyethylene unit.

The total weight of the process equipment and metal structures installed is 8,800 tonnes and 28,100 tonnes, respectively.

Installation of electric lighting in substation buildings is in progress. Low- and medium-voltage switchgears are being installed.

Installation of a pneumatic conveyor to the logistics platform commenced, as well as installation of ducting, air heating, ventilation, and conditioning equipment in the extrusion facility building.

Over 222 km of electrical and 489 km of instrumentation and control cabling were laid.

Installation of power cabling commenced to link the off-site substation and the polypropylene unit transformer substation for permanent power supply.

Installation of package units (pneumatic conveyor, cooler, recycle gas compressor) piping is underway, with subsequent testing, heat tracing, and insulation. Installation of cabling trays, electrical and instrumentation cabling, and cabling termination at facilities is in progress.