ZapSibNeftekhim is set to become the largest modern petrochemical facility in Russia.

The facility will incorporate:

ZapSibNefekhim is a part of the Tobolsk site, which currently comprises facilites operatng in three major segments – monomer and polymer producton and power, heat and steam generaton. The project was designed for deep conversion of oil and gas extracton by-products in West Siberia, including associated petroleum gas (APG). The new facility will help commercialise up to 22.4 bcm of APG which would otherwise be fared on site generatng some 40 mtpa of pollutant emissions. The use of advanced hydrocarbon conversion and logistcs technologies will help make this investment project safer, more reliable and efcient.

Most of the companies involved in the constructon are from Russia. Jointly, their builders and engineers account for approximately 46 million man-hours. In 2016, a total of 9,200 builders were deployed at the constructon site, including ca. 5,000 workers coming from Russia and other member states of the Customs Union and some 4,000 people coming from other CIS countries. The constructon project relies heavily on the use of domestcally produced technological materials and equipment.


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Photo «ЗапСибНефтехим» в июле 2019 года